The difficulty creating SaaS financial projections

Creating a model to secure investment

  • How to model customer churn in forecasts?

    Churn is where some customers leave every month - need to keep credibility in the figures to secure investors.

  • How much investment to seek?

    How much investment is enough and how to to justify the 'ask' in terms of showing that the funding is needed?

  • Making figures realistic, credible but ambitious

    How to frame the forecast financials so that they are ambitious and believable - how will an investor, enterprise agency or bank examine and interpret the figures?

This online training provides the solution

Guide using a Template and Scenario

  • Formulas for Customer Churn within Excel template design

    User churn is automatically calculated at a rate per month of 5% (easy to change) or annual churn (20% being 80% retention)

  • Sophisicated but user friendly Excel Template

    The Cashflow forecasts automatically showcase the amount of peak finance required - and the video shows how to find this figure

  • Bottom up approach to model Growth

    Excel template provides a structure to easily create multiple scenarios so that key business model issues can be addressed - balancing ambition with realism.

  • Case Scenario

    Work through a case scenario of a SaaS business and how financial projections can be created. Focus on revenue streams/pricing, costs, Sales to User and overheads

  • Accountancy Building Blocks

    Overview of accountancy required to understand Business Finance to include SaaS or subscription model in order to create financial projections for an investor. Brief intro to Cashflow, P&L and Balance Sheets.

  • Step by Step instructions

    Complete projections using the downloadable Excel Template. Learn how to add Turnover, Costs, Capital Expenditure including Depreciaton and how to show repayability of your loan finance.

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Business Plan & Financial Projections Expert

  • Donnchadh Hughes

    Donnchadh Hughes

    Business Advisor, Mentor & Trainer

    Donncha has over 10 years direct consultancy experience working with startups and microenterprise in Ireland. He is an expert in Business Model Canvas, Marketing, Self Employment in Ireland, Financial Projections and Business Plan and Tender Preparation.

Course curriculum

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Download the Excel Template to create financial forecast for your business


  • How many revenue streams does the Template have

    It is set up with 7 - products with different prices so that turnover can be calculated. But more product items can be added (if you understand the Excel formulas)

  • Does the template show me how to include Loans?

    Yes. The scenario explains how to show a 3 year loan paid back over 4 calendar years (6 months in years 1 and 4)

  • Can i include Owners Investment plus new VC investment in the forecast?

    Yes, the scenario shows both of these.

  • Does the template include Capital Expenditure and Depreciation?

    Yes, the scenario has capital expenditure while depreciation is automatically calculated by the template when capital expenditure is input

  • Are you an accountant?

    No. But I studied accountancy in college and have learned all about projections as they are critical to business plans - so can you too! But this wont turn you into an accountant.

Which Financial Projection Programme do I need?

The first programme models a local business which sells a list of services and physical products which it buys wholesale - what would be described as a transactional business. If you have a SaaS business with a subscription business model you need to follow the SaaS programme as it specifically models the subscription business model building in customer retention and churn. There are lots of pricing models so pick the one that matches your business.
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Which Financial Projection Programme do I need?

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